ACT Special Car Center - Swiss Business Quality since 1996

ACT Specialcar-Center
Güterstrasse 21
CH-5014 Gretzenbach
+41 62 724 09 59
+41 62 724 09 58
Please state us your Company, your Name and your Country if you would like to contact us by mail.

You're welcome to visit us anytime you want. Take a look at all the cars that are avaliable.
BUT: please call us before, to be sure that we are in.

We are in the crosshairs of Basel, Bern, Luzern and Zürich and can be reached within 40 minutes (if no congestion). We recommend you the following routing:

Routing with car:

Highway A1, Exit Aarau-West, to Kölliken, in Kölliken, to Schönenwerd, through Gretzenbach durch, turn left at the crossing just outside Gretzenbach before entering Schönenwerd, turn left to Olten, 300 m after Daytona Speed Garage, turn right in front of SEAT dealer, pass railways and follow road for about 1.3 km to find us.

Alternative (not recommended during rush hours from 4.30 pm):

Via Aarau: Drive direction Olten by Schönenwerd, turn right 300 m after Daytona Speed Garage (in front of SEAT-Dealer), follow the road for about 1.3 km to find us.

Via Olten: take road to Aarau, drive through Dulliken, Däniken Aarau, via Dulliken, Däniken, turn left outside Däniken (after passing restaurant Sonne on the right hand side) turn left just after Früchte Rychard / SEAT dealer, follow the road for about 1.3 km to find us.

Recommended routing by train:

Take the train to Aarau or Olten, let us know when you will be there, we will drop by to pick you up.

Meeting point station Aarau:
Parking lot at bus station outside train station.

Meeting point station Olten:
Taxi stand outide train station.

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